Approvato il progetto europeo "Conscious" - Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
Bruxelles - 06/06/2018
Approvato il progetto europeo "Conscious" presentato in risposta al bando europeo del Programma Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme - Priority 1.4 "supports the development of treatment programs for violent offenders and capacity building among professionals working in this area", per il Capofila ASL Frosinone col coinvogimento di Working With Perpetrators Network, Garante dei Detenuti Regione Lazio e Centro Studi e Ricerche Diritto di Famiglia. Abstract: CONSCIOUS aims to prevent reoffending by sex offenders ad perpetrators of domestic violence through a model of inter-systemic cooperation between social-health authorities, CSOs, judicial and prison systems, capable to intervene on perpetrators within and outside prisons towards their social reintegration, acting, thus, on social exclusion that may lead to reoffending. Networking and training activities aimed at the Local Health Authority of Frosinone and Cassino’s Prison staff, and volunteers, improving their skills for the futher Perpetrators Treatment Programme, are foreseen. Methods and procedures will be standardized by protocols and manuals. A feasibility study on the model transferability to other contexts at European level will be carried out. Awareness raising will address policy makers and offenders